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South Bay
Pit Orchestra

South Bay Pit Orchestra is first and foremost, a contracting service located in the South Bay of Los Angeles. They are a subset of LA Chamber Music Company and provide exceptional pit orchestras to musical theatre companies in the greater Los Angeles area. 

About SBPO

Educational Opportunities

Over the past eight years, SBPO has worked hard to develop and grow the orchestra culture in the South Bay Los Angeles area into a professional and educational experience. Our goal has been to partner with several professional musicians in the industry who have a passion for music education so that they could branch out and further partner with local high schools in the community. Our hope is that we may provide opportunities for gifted students to play in our orchestra pit next to professionals, in order to provide a glimpse at what life in the music industry is like. By participating in this way, we hope that students would become excited about continuing their path in music into college and beyond.




info @ southbaypitorchestra . org


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